Cobra BT 200 Heavy Duty Handset with Bluetooth Wireless Technology review: Cobra BT 200 Heavy Duty Handset with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

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2.5 stars OK
  • Overall: 5.7
  • Design: 7.0
  • Features: 5.0
  • Performance: 5.0
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The Good The Cobra BT 200 features rugged water-, UV-, and dust-proof construction. Blue backlit display is easy to use at night and visible in direct sunlight. Two call modes allow users to choose how to best use the handset.

The Bad The unit's internal speaker isn't very loud. Phone book entries are not automatically imported and the manual entry process is tedious.

The Bottom Line The Cobra BT 200 works best when connected to the 12-volt outlet of an ATV or snowmobile and allows for mobile calling where smartphones dare not tread, but it isn't the best choice for in-car calling.

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The Cobra BT 200 is a heavy-duty Bluetooth handset that features a fairly limited list of features. It makes calls, and that's about it. During our time with the BT 200, we encountered a few inconveniences, such as no automatic contact-list importing and an unintuitive interface for advanced features like inputting numbers into the phone book.

However, when you're using a device in an outdoor environment, sometimes the strongest feature can be rugged simplicity, which the BT 200 has in spades. Its rough-and-tumble design can take a beating from Mother Nature without blinking.

The BT 200 features a small, monochromatic screen with blue backlighting. Just below the screen are four soft keys that control various functions depending on the current mode. Further down is a bank of eight keys for navigating menus and answering and ending calls. All of the buttons on the unit's front face feature the same blue backlighting as the screen.

On the unit's left side is a large push-to-talk (PTT) button. Lining the top are three buttons for backlight/lock, PTT/VOX, and power ON/OFF.

The BT 200 does not have an internal battery and must be plugged into a 12-volt power source to function. A coiled power cable stretches to about 4 feet to give you plenty of flexibility for finding power sources.

On the back of the unit, you'll find a metal pin used to mount the unit to the included hanger bracket when not in use.

The Cobra BT 200 has a hefty feel and is shock-, UV-, dust-, and water-resistant, making it perfect for the outdoorsman who needs to stay in contact with the world during excursions. The device can even be completely submerged for brief periods without damage, thanks to its compliance with Japan Industrial Standards for water resistance (JIS7).

All of the buttons are made of a durable rubber and feel like they could withstand years of abuse. The sole exception is the squishy PTT button. It held up well during our testing, but its hollow construction makes us worry that it may be prone to tearing over the long run.

The Cobra BT 200 pairs to your mobile phone using the Bluetooth wireless protocol. Once paired, the unit displays the name of the connected phone and the available signal strength, a feature we think would be invaluable in remote areas with spotty signal.

The unit can be paired to only one phone at a time, but can store pairing information for up to eight phones.

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