Cellhelmet iPhone 4S Case (Blue/Green) review:

Cellhelmet iPhone 4S Case (Blue/Green)

Though the deal sounds great, keep in mind that the case itself looks a bit underwhelming. It comes in two colors, a smoky, translucent gray version and a white clear model. Each case comes with two colored back plates (either black and white, blue and green, or pink and color), though obviously when paired with the smoky case, the plates will be dulled. Also, there's not much to them. They're essentially colored card-stock paper with a laminated feel.

The Cellhelmet measures 4.9 inches tall, 2.07 inches wide, and 0.49 inch thick. It comes in one piece, so you have to slide your iPhone into the bottom of the case and slip the rest of case over the top of your handset. Because it encases your device with a thick layer of rubber, getting to your volume and sleep/power keys takes more handling with your fingers. You can also forget about using a headphone jack that has a thick cord.

Cellhelmet iPhone case
The Cellhelmet will make it slightly difficult to press your iPhone's buttons. Josh Miller/CNET

During my time with the accessory, I noticed that a lot of the edges weren't smoothed out. Though it didn't hurt, there were times when the edges of the case scratched my hand or cheek.

With daily usage, the case held up fine. I knocked an iPhone around, dropped it on the floor from a couple of feet, threw it in my bag, and banged it around on tables. The Cellhelmet fended off any scratches that would occur, and it was easy to clean due to its slick rubber. It's also lightweight and not too bulky, meaning that I could easily slip my phone in the front or back pockets of my jeans.

In general, the Cellhelmet won't turn any heads. But despite its humdrum design, it does its job by protecting an iPhone against minor scratches and dents. And if the damage goes beyond that (excluding anything that deals with water), the case's accidental coverage is reassuring. Even if the company who is taking care of your phone is called Cellpig.

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