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The Good The Cast Grabber is a network-attached podcast download system that lets most MP3 player owners load up on fresh content without connecting to a computer.

The Bad The Cast Grabber is bulky, doesn't work over Wi-Fi, requires an initial computer set up, and is not intended for video podcasts.

The Bottom Line If audio podcasts are the lifeblood of your MP3 player, Cast Grabber will keep your device up to date without requiring a computer as a middleman. If you're already comfortable updating your MP3 player via computer, Cast Grabber is more trouble than it's worth.

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If you love podcasts, but hate the hassle of booting up your computer and managing subscriptions through iTunes, the CastGrabber ($119) is designed with you in mind. The concept is straightforward: attach the Cast Grabber to your home network, connect your MP3 player, and wait as your podcast subscriptions download directly to your device. Unfortunately, life with the Cast Grabber isn't that simple, and at $119, it offers few advantages against the many free software options available.

The Cast Grabber has the sex appeal of a doorstop. We could forgive its bulky plastic wedge design if it concealed an internal Wi-Fi antenna, but alas, the Cast Grabber requires a wired connection to your home network to pull down podcasts. Other wires sticking out of the Cast Grabber include a detachable DC power adapter and a USB cable that runs to your MP3 player. A retractable shelf extends from the front of the Cast Grabber, offering a seat for MP3 players as small as the iPod Nano, or as large as the Archos 705 WiFi.

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