Canon EOS Digital Rebel review:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel

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2.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Aggressive price; excellent, low-noise images; speedy performance; long battery life.

The Bad Can't save custom settings; limited metering options; continuous-shooting mode snaps a maximum of four shots.

The Bottom Line A low price boosts the Canon EOS Digital Rebel's appeal for amateur film-SLR photographers going digital and high-end snapshooters who want to experiment more.

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5.9 Overall
  • Design 5.0
  • Features 4.0
  • Performance 6.0
  • Image quality 7.0


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These buttons are easily distinguishable by feel, but they're a bit too shallow to press comfortably.

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Though the power switch seems awkwardly placed, we never accidentally turned off the EOS Digital Rebel while working with the mode dial. With buttons on the upper-right corner of the camera body, you can choose a drive or metering mode, lock exposure, or select an autofocus point.

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The EOS Digital Rebel supports high-capacity CompactFlash cards. We recommend using those with accelerated write speeds.

PowerShot G5C-5050 Zoommore

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Even after we'd taken more than 1,000 shots (50 percent of them with the flash) the EOS Digital Rebel's battery was still going strong.

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Though this scene came out well with the partial metering (left), we got worse results than expected from the default evaluative metering (right).

Canon's digital cameras

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Test photos from the EOS Digital Rebel show excellent dynamic range and very accurate color reproduction.

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In image sharpness and detail, the EOS Digital Rebel holds its own against pricier cameras such as the EOS 10D.

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