Callpod Dragon (titanium silver) review:

Callpod Dragon (titanium silver)

We tested the Callpod Dragon Bluetooth headset with the RIM BlackBerry Pearl and the LG Venus. The Dragon automatically goes into pairing mode the first time it's turned on, which is a big help in getting us started. If you want to send it into pairing mode again for another device, you can simply press the Power/Volume key once. Perhaps it was because of the full duplex speaker in the device, but we experienced excellent incoming call quality. Our callers sounded loud and clear, with natural-sounding voices. Outgoing sound didn't fare as well, however. Callers reported a slight echo in our voice, plus an occasional distant hum in the background. That said, they still managed to hear us in crowded environments, like a noisy restaurant.

We were definitely impressed with the Bluetooth range of the Dragon. When paired with another Dragon headset to test the walkie-talkie functionality, we were able to communicate even though we were in different corners of the CNET building--about 300 or so feet between us. We should note that at around the 250- to 300-foot mark, we heard increased static and noise, though that may have been because of the walls between us.

The Callpod Dragon comes with an AC adapter, a USB cable, and a car charger. It has a rated battery life of 8 hours talk time and 12.5 days standby time.

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