Wi-Fi-connected doorbell DoorBot shrinks down, adds new features

/ Updated: September 20, 2013 3:54 PM PDT

When CNET last wrote about DoorBot, Bot Home Automation was pitching its Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell/security camera combo device on crowd-funding site Christie Street. Having achieved its $250,000 goal, DoorBot is now almost ready to ship to its initial round of backers.

The company was on-hand at the PepCom event in New York City with a DoorBot demo (hence our video above). Since we first heard about the product, a few things have changed in regard to its specs and pricing. Its core function, letting you see who's at your door through a mobile app, remains intact.

Some of its biggest updates come by way of the hardware in the final production units, compared with what BOT showed during fundraising. A more efficient design gives it 33 percent size reduction overall, according to BOT and an accompanying diagram. You can also hardwire the DoorBot directly to your doorbell wiring now, and BOT has replaced the standard battery compartment with a USB rechargeable internal battery. The company says it has also added a security screw to the design, which should allay fears that the device might be tempting to steal, and a level on the mounting hardware, to simplify installation.

BOT Home Automation

On the service side, BOT announced at PepCom yesterday that the DoorBot now supports cloud-based video storage, which means you can store video evidence of everyone who comes to your door. Now you can really confirm whether the UPS guy tried to make a delivery. Cloud storage will be free to backers and those who preorder the DoorBot at its post-funding $199 price tag, but it will cost anyone who orders after its October 1 launch date a to-be-determined fee.

I will have a review of the DoorBot in the coming weeks. I'm particularly interested to check out its integration with Lockitron , the Wi-Fi-connected dead bolt switch.

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