BlueLounge Cool Feet review: BlueLounge Cool Feet

Using a popular business laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad T60, we put the BlueLounge Cool Feet to the test by running CNET Labs' grueling Multitasking test on the system and recording the CPU temperature.

Running the test without the feet, the CPU got as hot as 80.8 degrees. After a cool-down period, we ran the test again, this time with the laptop sitting on the BlueLounge Cool Feet. The highest temperature recorded during the second test was 78 degrees, a slight decrease at best. This was nowhere near the nearly six-degree drop we got from the Xpad Laptop Desk, a bulky passive laptop cooler, or the Antec Notebook Cooler, which sucks away hot air via USB-powered fans.

However, the Cool Feet did beat the LapWorks Laptop Desk 2.0 and the LapWorks Laptop Desk UltraLite, both of which are traditional laptop desks that include extended wings for use as a mousing surface.

Balancing the four rubber legs on your lap is a challenge, so we'd only recommend the Cool Feet for tabletop use, defeating the lap-saving purpose of many laptop cooling solutions.

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    • Release date Dec. 1, 2006