BlueFox BF-402 Universal Bluetooth Stereo Headset review: BlueFox BF-402 Universal Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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The Good The BlueFox Extreme BF-402 is slim, lightweight, and has a comfortable fit. It's affordable and has decent audio playback quality.

The Bad The BlueFox Extreme BF-402 has subpar call quality, with the microphone unable to pick up our voice unless we spoke directly at it.

The Bottom Line The BlueFox Extreme BF-402 may work fine for listening to music, but since it doesn't work very well with phone calls, we can't recommend it.

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While some stereo Bluetooth headsets are designed for workouts or an active lifestyle, others are more suited for just general use. The BlueFox Extreme BF-402 is one such headset, and it's designed to look just like a pair of regular headphones, except without wires, of course. We appreciate its slim design, and though the sound quality won't be as good as more expensive headphones, it's still pretty good for listening to music. For making calls, however, the sound quality didn't work for us at all. The BlueFox Extreme BF-402 retails for $69.99.

The design of the BF-402 reminds us a little of the Jabra Halo . Like the Halo, it has a very slim profile, from the earpads to the connecting headband. The BF-402 is designed to be worn like a regular pair of headphones--over the head--and the earpads are padded with thick foam cushions attached to a flexible hinge. This allows the earpads to press gently against the ears with just the right amount of tension. Indeed, we found the fit of the BF-402 to be just fine--not too tight or too loose. You can adjust the size of the headset by extending or retracting the earpads on either side.

All of the headset's controls are housed in the right earpad. They consist of volume controls, the track controls, as well as the multifunction call button. The LED indicator is housed at the top of the aforementioned call button. All the buttons pressed easily without a lot of effort. At the bottom of the right earpad are the charger jack plus the microphone.

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BlueFox BF-402 Universal Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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  • Weight 1.5 oz
  • Additional Features play/pause button
    volume control
  • Type headset
  • Headphones Form Factor on-ear