BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone review: BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone

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The Good The BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone has excellent sound quality, thanks to full duplex speakers and noise- and echo-cancellation technologies. You can attach and detach it from your car's visor easily.

The Bad The BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone has slightly squishy buttons.

The Bottom Line The BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone has a lightweight body. It has excellent sound quality, thanks to full duplex speakers

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BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone

Though many cell phones come with built-in speakerphones, not all of them emit quality sound. Enter the Bluetooth speakerphones, which are dedicated speakerphones that usually have better sound quality. Also, most of them are designed to fit in a car for easier hands-free driving if you would rather not use a Bluetooth headset. BlueAnt Wireless, an Australian mainstay in the Bluetooth device market, has recently launched the BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone for the U.S. market. The phone attaches easily to the car's visor and has simple-to-use controls. Not only that, but its full duplex speakers emit great sound, plus it has noise- and echo-cancellation technologies that lets callers hear you better as well. Because of that, the Supertooth Light makes a good conference call device too. It may not have the backlit LCD that the Tekkeon ET600 ezSpeak does, but it still gets the job done. The Supertooth Light retails for about $100 but you can get it for $80 if you shop around.

Measuring only 4.8 inches long by 2.37 inches wide by 0.72 inch deep and weighing in at 4.05 ounces, we found the Supertooth Light to be a lightweight and portable device. This makes it really easy to bring it around to conference rooms or switch it between different vehicles. It has a simple rectangular design, has an almost all-black body, and its speaker is housed in a rounded square with the BlueAnt logo right on the front of the device. Next to it are the Accept and End/Reject call buttons, both of which are large and well-spaced. On top of the device are the volume buttons. All the buttons were well-spaced, but felt a little squishy when pressed, though that wasn't too big of a hindrance. Underneath the buttons are the indicator lights--one is a Bluetooth indicator and the other is a charge indicator. The Bluetooth indicator light flashes when it's connected to a phone, and the charge indicator lights up when it's charging, plus it glows red when the battery is low.

At this point, you may be wondering where the location of the power switch is. It's actually ingeniously incorporated into the hidden microphone shaft located on the right spine. Press the square down into the device and release; the microphone shaft will pop out and the speakerphone will power on. When you push the shaft back in, it will power down. The Supertooth Light immediately goes into automatic pairing mode when activated for the first time, which makes the first pairing a much easier process. On the back of the Supertooth Light are a couple of magnets which can be attached to an included metal visor clip so the phone fits easily on the car's visor.

We paired the BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light speakerphone with the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and the LG VX9400 easily and successfully. You can answer, end, and reject calls with the Supertooth Light, but you still have to make calls with your cell phone prior to using it. The full duplex speakers worked out great, and callers sounded crisp and clear--much louder than had we just utilized the phone's built-in speakers. We tried it out in a conference room as well as in a car, and sound quality did not diminish. Callers also reported hearing us loud and clear, thanks to the device's noise- and echo- cancellation technologies.

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