Blackbox C18 Noise Cancellation Earphones review: Blackbox C18 Noise Cancellation Earphones

On the performance side of things, the Blackbox C18 earphones don't disappoint. We were immediately impressed by their overall noise-hushing capabilities. Not only do they offer up to 18dB active noise cancellation, but because of the earplug-like design, they also passively block out up to 35dB. Put to practice, we definitely noticed the difference. Overall sound quality is quite good: nice, clear highs with plenty of detail; smooth mids; and decent bass response. Our one complaint is that we noticed some low-end distortion in a couple of tracks that were heavy on the bass. We weren't blown away by the audio, but the earphones are certainly pleasant sounding and the excellent noise-hushing makes them a solid investment and an easy recommendation.

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    Blackbox C18 Noise Cancellation Earphones

    Part Number: CNETBBC18 Released: Feb 2, 2009
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    • Release date Feb 2, 2009