Belkin WeMo Maker Kit makes its debut in Vegas

/ Updated: January 6, 2014 8:04 PM PST


LAS VEGAS -- Belkin's Maker Kit is an interesting addition to the WeMo lineup. Many of the products we've covered up to this point have been user-friendly gadgets for the entry-level DIYer interested in home automation stuff. I'm talking about the WeMo Light Switch, the WeMo Switch + Motion, and the WeMo Insight Switch. All three of these products are very simple to set up and after that, offer basic smart home functionality ( IFTTT compatibility does allow for enhanced customization, but only if you want to use it).

That's what sets the Maker Kit apart from the rest of WeMo (up to this point, at least). It's designed with more advanced DIYers in mind. The module can be used to power any gadget you can control with a DC switch remotely. So, if you want, you can access your sprinkler system, an antenna, a motor, etc., all on the same free Android or iOS WeMo app as before.

In addition to wiring into low voltage devices, you can also use WeMo Maker to keep an eye on 5V DC sensors on your compatible device. And, if you do want to create recipes on IFTTT, you can still do that, too. Belkin's WeMo Maker Kit isn't the most glamorous smart home thing you'll see at CES this year, but it's nice to see that there are options for folks who might want to automate something aside from the more traditional lights and plug-in modules. This kit and the other WeMo products Belkin announced today will be available in spring 2014.

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