Belkin Conserve review: Belkin Conserve

So, how long will the Conserve take to pay for itself? As we said, that depends what type and the number of components you have plugged into it. But you're probably looking at three to five years.

The protector does have a few small downsides. For starters, there are no ports for protecting phone or networking lines from surges. Also, the Conserves lack some of the features found on Belkin's other surge protectors. For instance, some Belkin models feature an outlet that's compatible with powerline Ethernet adapters. Likewise, we like the hideaway aspect of Belkin's Conceal protectors. However, this model looks like your basic double-wide surge protector with a little cord-control accessory attached at one end. There's no way to cover your ungainly power plugs and AC adapters.

All in all, however, the Conserve is a good concept for surge protectors--and good for the environment in a very small way. You may pay a bit of premium for the extra "conserve" feature, but you should make up that dough in due time. Hopefully, Belkin will combine some of the features (e.g. a cover for concealment and powerline compatibility) of its other protectors in the next version of the Conserve. But that's more a wish than a major gripe.

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