BlackBerry Messenger (iOS and Android) review:

Fast and stable, but lacking modern features

There's also group chat, where you can add multiple people to the same conversation. You can either start a new group chat or add new people to an existing message thread. It’s worth noting that you can only send photos in one-on-one messages, not in group chats.

Lastly, Ping, a popular option from the early days of BBM, is available in both apps. If your friend isn't replying fast enough, or you just want to get his attention, you can ping him, which vibrates his phone and plays a special tone.

Features and performance
Though BBM has all the classic features, it's missing many modern options that its competitors -- iMessage, Hangouts, and WhatsApp -- have, such as sharing your location or sending a calendar event. It's also lacking video-calling features, which put it behind Viber, Skype, and FaceTime. There is a BBM Video app for BlackBerry phones, but it’s not available on other platforms. BlackBerry says it will bring voice- and video-calling features to the iOS and Android apps soon.

Another knock against BBM is that you cannot log in to your account on more than one device, which makes the service much less useful. With iMessage and Google Hangouts, you can start a conversation on your phone and continue it on your tablet, and vice versa.

Though it's lacking features, BBM excels in performance. The service has long been known for its speed and stability, and BlackBerry is playing up those qualities to get people to download the apps. Fortunately for BlackBerry, that reputation still rings true, as the new apps run smoothly with no glitches. In my experience, sending and receiving messages was lightning fast, though just how fast it works for you will depend on your Internet speed and signal, since BBM uses data and Wi-Fi connections.

Though BBM was one of the most feature-rich messaging apps of its time, it’s since been overshadowed by newer, better apps. Google’s Hangouts app, for instance, offers features that BBM doesn’t, including video and voice calls, support for multiple devices, and the ability to message any phone number. Likewise, on iOS, iMessage lets you share links and your location with your contacts.

There are also several third-party messaging apps more robust than BBM. One is WhatsApp, which can send photo, video, and voice messages; share your location; has group chat; and is available on every mobile platform. Others, including Viber, Skype, and WeChat, can do everything BlackBerry Messenger can and have video calling to boot. If you want privacy features similar to BBM’s PIN system, there’s Kik Messenger which has many of the same features as WhatsApp and requires you to find others to chat with by entering their username.

Unless you're pining for the old days when BBM was cool, or you missed out on the "Crackberry" trend altogether and want a glimpse at the service, pass on downloading BlackBerry Messenger for your Android device or iPhone. The elaborate process needed to add new contacts isn't worth the hassle for an app that’s already behind the times.

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