Auralux review: Easy-to-learn, challenging strategy game

The gameplay is simple and addictive, but also forming a big part of the draw of Auralux for me are the brightly colored graphics, ambient music that never seems to get old, and various sound themes you can pick from in the game. There is something almost zenlike with the pacing of this game and the bright colors and audio add to the experience.

Auralux is a free download that comes with only a few maps, but has 99-cent map packs available for in-app purchase. You also have the option to get a combo pack with several of the map packs along with Fast mode (for quick games where your reflexes will matter) for $2.99. Once I got through the first few maps, I decided to buy the combo pack and was happy to find several easy, normal, and hard maps to choose from.

My only issue with the game initially was that it was frustratingly difficult. With the free version early on, only the first couple of levels seem winnable and the other levels can seem almost impossible. But if you can get over the initial hump and manage to win one of the harder levels in the free version, suddenly buying the map packs makes more sense. It simply takes time to learn the best strategies, so some people may not have the patience for it.

Overall, Auralux is very well-designed strategy game with a slow pace, but extremely challenging levels. If you're fine with the idea of playing several rounds to learn the ropes, Auralux is a great choice for strategy-loving gamers.

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