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If you're comparing Audiovox's 10-inch models, the major difference between this model and the older D2010 is the removal of the interface for infrared wireless headphones. As of this writing, the step-up D2016 is yet to hit stores, but it will have additional features such as a USB port and an SD/MMC slot.

The player's screen can't match the high-resolution display of the Philips PET1002, but it is superior to the screens of competing budget models such as the Mustek MP100, and it stacked up well against the 9-inch display on Panasonic's more expensive DVD-LS90. We popped in the DVD of Peter Jackson's King Kong and, as with other players, backed down the color and brightness settings a couple of notches to get blacks a little darker and skin tones looking a little more natural--that is, less red. While the screen looks best when viewed from about 2.5 to 3 feet away--you'll notice gaps between the pixels at closer distances--we were fairly pleased overall. Colors were reasonably accurate, there was a decent amount of detail in darker screens, and Kong's fur and facial features were rendered sharply.

Though battery life is rated at only 2.5 hours, we managed to watch the entire Kong DVD, which comes in at 187 minutes; battery life will vary with usage, but we expect 3 hours to be about the norm. Since large-screen players such as the Panasonic DVD-LS90 and the Philips PET1002 offer better battery life, this has to be considered a bit of a shortcoming. But until the PET1002 came along, most models with 10.2-inch screens offered only 3 hours of battery life.

In the final analysis, while the Audiovox D2011 is neither the slickest-looking large-screen portable DVD player on the market, nor does it offer a wealth of features, it delivers a decent picture and is a little lighter than competing models. That may not come across as a ringing endorsement, but the D2011 gets our overall approval.

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