ATI TV Wonder 650 review: ATI TV Wonder 650

Through the Catalyst Media Center, image quality was slightly fuzzier than what you would expect to see from a standard-definition TV signal on an HD display (which itself can be a poor viewing experience). Compared to the results from other TV tuner cards, however, the TV Wonder 650 produced a definite visible difference, giving us the most watchable image we've seen, even when using our 32-inch LCD.

It's a slight step down in image quality, but the Diamond XtremeTV PVR660--available for as little as $75 online--is a good substitute if you don't want to crack open your PC or your system lacks a free PCI slot and you need an external USB TV tuner.

The ATI TV Wonder 650 doesn't include a remote control; instead there's an offer for a free remote by mail. To take advantage of this offer, you must to go to a page on ATI's Web site and enter your serial number. Note that the serial number is physically on the card, so jot the number down before installation. With the offer, you can get either a Microsoft Media Center remote or an ATI Remote Wonder for free, plus shipping charges--$12.90 for standard three-to-five-day shipping. The normal retail cost of the remote is $39, so while it's not exactly free, it is deeply discounted.

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