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3 stars Good
  • Overall: 6.0
  • Design: 7.0
  • Features: 6.0
  • Performance: 5.0
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The Good The Archos 105 MP3 player is one of the least expensive video-worthy MP3 players on the market.

The Bad The Archos 105 only comes in a 2GB capacity and lacks competitive features such as an FM tuner, voice recorder, or line recorder. Despite its relatively large screen, the video resolution is disappointing.

The Bottom Line There are better MP3 players than the Archos 105 available at this price, but few with so large a screen.

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The Archos 105 ($89) is a slim, affordable, 2GB MP3 player from a company known for its high-performance portable video players. Archos definitely stepped out of its PVP comfort zone to create the 105, and unfortunately, it shows. Despite its low price tag and modern design, the Archos 105 offers few features, a restrictive capacity, and lackluster video performance.

With its anodized aluminum face and Nano-thin body, the Archos 105 looks like a streamlined metal candy bar. The Archos 105 measures a tall, yet thin, 1.8 inches, by 3.3 inches, by 0.3 inch. Yet, in spite of its delicate size, the Archos 105's mostly metal construction lends it a ruggedness not typically found on budget MP3 players.

The navigation pad on the Archos 105 may look unusual at first glance, but it's essentially a standard four-way direction pad with a center select button. What makes the fish-shaped navigation pad look so unusual is the superficially connected power and cancel buttons that jut off to the left of the main navigation controls. While the design of the front panel controls is novel, we prefer to have the hold and cancel controls off to the side, where they're less likely to be accidentally activated.

The Archos 105 and second-generation iPod Nano share the same metal-coated, super-skinny aesthetic.

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Where to Buy

Archos 105 (white)

Part Number: 501011 Released: Jul 20, 2007

MSRP: $89.99

See manufacturer website for availability.

Quick Specifications See All

  • Release date Jul 20, 2007
  • Built-in Display OLED
  • Color silver
  • Weight 1.8 oz
  • Supported Digital Audio Standards PCM
  • Installed Size 2 GB
  • Diagonal Size 1.8" m
  • Type digital player
  • Capacity 2 GB