Apple Wireless Keyboard (2007) review:

Apple Wireless Keyboard (2007)

The back of the keyboard is brushed in Apple's classic glossy white finish, with a cylindrical bar that operates as a compartment for the two included AA batteries. The round tube places your hands at a fixed angle with no mechanism for adjustment, although we felt no discomfort even after using the keyboard as our primary input device for a full day of typing. Additionally, two small rubber strips on both sides and a thicker rubber bar in the middle of the battery compartment keep the keyboard from moving around your work space.

Replacing the batteries is as simple as unscrewing a small metal plug on the left side of the tube with a coin, and Apple also makes good on its commitment to energy conversation with a convenient power management feature that automatically shuts down the keyboard after a prolonged period of inactivity and turns it back on when you start typing again.

The Wireless Keyboard connects to a computer via Bluetooth and pairing it with a Mac is incredibly easy. After you press the power button on the right side of the battery compartment, a green light starts flashing to indicate that the keyboard is ready to connect. The keyboard will display under "devices" as soon as you launch the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, and after a few key press tests, you're ready to begin typing. In our anecdotal tests, we successfully paired the Wireless Keyboard to an iMac, a Mac Mini, a MacBook Pro, and an iPad, in less than 2 minutes for each device with zero hiccups. It can also pair with Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs, but note that the function and command keys won't line up with the standard Windows keyboard layout.

We were also impressed to learn that of the keyboard's compatibility with Apple's latest iOS software for the iPhone 4 and third-generation iPod Touch. When you pair it with those mobile devices, the function keys on the top row can even alter settings like brightness, volume, and track control. Finally, the "eject" button on the far right brings up the onscreen virtual keyboard within mobile apps like Notes and Contacts.

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