Apple iPod Nano (2nd generation) review: Apple iPod Nano (2nd generation)

The Nano's packaging is admirably small, cutting down on both materials used in making it and the waste from its disposal. Props to Apple for thinking about the environment!

The 2G Nano is light on extras, though its small, excellently designed packaging includes all that you might need for basic use: a dock adapter, a USB cable for syncing/charging, a pair of white earbuds, and a quick-start guide. You'll have to download iTunes from the Web, since Apple doesn't include a disc in the box--a forgivable omission, considering that it cuts down on use of materials for packaging.

If you want to listen to FM radio on the Nano, you'll need to pick up Apple's $49 Radio Remote (or similar accessory). Similarly, recording features require a separate accessory, such as Belkin's TuneTalk. It'd be a nice surprise if Apple would include such features in an iPod, but at least it's nice that you have the option to add them. Features the Nano does have built in are photo viewing (with a neat 3x3 thumbnail preview grid) and album art support. Video playback is conspicuously absent, as many Nano competitors have it (the Creative Zen V Plus, iRiver Clix, and SanDisk Sansa e200 series, to name a few). But we're not sure we'd want to watch video on the tiny screen anyway. The 2G Nano is capable of gapless playback (finally!), but that must be designated in iTunes 7.

The latest version of iTunes is a nice improvement over version 6, and you can read more about it in the

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