Apple moves iOS into the smart home with HomeKit

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WWDC 2014 is well under way, and Apple has just announced HomeKit for iOS 8. This smart-home platform will allow you to control various connected gadgets from one spot (instead of all that switching-back-and-forth-between-apps nonsense) and offer Siri integration. So, which smart-home products will it work with? Here's the list so far:

-August: This Bluetooth-enabled smart lock can be installed around your existing single-cylinder deadbolt setup. Grant access to your friends or neighbors -- really anyone you want to have access to your lock for a few hours or all the time.

-Philips Hue: This line of connected bulbs has an app that lets you change colors and control your lights remotely, and set schedules. It provides a straightforward entry point into DIY home automation.

-Chamberlain MQ Garage: This $130 smart garage gadget comes with a Wi-Fi hub, a door sensor, installation hardware, and instructions for using the free MyQ app so you can monitor and control your garage doors with greater ease.

-Netatmo Weather Station: This smart weather station keeps an eye on indoor and outdoor air quality. You can receive alerts on the free Netatmo app based on CO2 levels and decide on the best time of day for you to enjoy your favorite activities.

-Kwikswet Kevo: This Bluetooth 4.0-compatible smart lock relies on an indoor/outdoor sensor to determine who should be able to enter your home.

-Withings Smart Baby Monitor: Via the Withings baby monitor app you can listen and talk to your baby, play lullabies, or turn on the night light. You can connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet, and monitor noises, motion, temperature, and humidity.

-Haier: We wrote about the Tianzun smart air conditioner at CES earlier this year. It's designed to connect with Apple devices over Wi-Fi and was the first connected appliance to meet Apple's MFI standards.

-Honeywell: The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat works in much the same way as the Nest Learning Thermostat. It learns your usage habits over time and can be tracked and adjusted on the related Honeywell thermostat app.

-Schlage: The Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt can be paired with a Nexia Bridge for advanced home automation capabilities. That, along with the $10 monthly fee for Nexia's Home Intelligence home automation system lets you connect your lock to your computer, smartphone, or tablet and even control your lights.

-Cree: Cree currently has a SmartCast system geared toward businesses that allows for remote automation. So far, we haven't seen any smart functionality enter Cree's regular consumer LEDs.

-Osram Sylvania: Sylvania makes a wide variety of lighting products (LEDs, incandescents, fluorescents). Like Cree, we haven't seen much from them in the smart home realm (not yet, at least).

-iDevices: iDevices iGrill Mini is a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer probe that connects to an app so you can monitor the temperature of your food directly from your phone.

-iHome: iHome sells speakers, radios, and alarm clocks. Many of its products are Bluetooth-enabled, and iHome has various apps that are designed to enhance usability.

-SkyBell: SkyBell makes a smart Wi-Fi doorbell. It has a built-in camera and motion sensor so you can see who comes to your door and and receive alerts whether or not they ring your doorbell.

-Texas Instruments, Marvell, and Broadcom: These chip companies might make Apple HomeKit's "network protocol" possible. That way, your iPhone can communicate safely with your connected smart home products.

Clearly missing from the list are the Nest Learning Thermostat, Belkin WeMo home automation products, and the iSmart Alarm -- all of which are available to buy on the Apple store.

Editors' note: This is a developing story. Follow CNET's live blog and see all of today's WWDC news.

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