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The Good Anycom's BSH-100 Bluetooth stereo headset works with cell phones, portable audio players, and PCs, and it includes an audio-transmitter module for devices without integrated Bluetooth. It also supports the Bluetooth A2DP audio-streaming protocol and features removable rechargeable batteries and a comfortable folding-neckband headset design. It includes a low-profile removable microphone.

The Bad The Anycom BSH-100 Bluetooth stereo headset is susceptible to audio dropouts and interference, and it can't play very loud without distorting. There's also a delay between answering a cell phone and establishing an audio link with the headset. The box includes only one power-outlet charger. Plus, the transmitter module bulks up workout gear, and the headphones have a relatively short battery life.

The Bottom Line The Anycom BSH-100 is comfortable and works OK for phone calls, but constant interference and high-volume distortion make the headphones unsuitable for music listening.

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Anycom BSH-100 Bluetooth stereo headset

Featuring a two-way stereo Bluetooth headset and a wireless transmitter module that connects to virtually any device with an audio output, the Anycom BSH-100 Bluetooth stereo headset merges the worlds of communications and music. With the transmitter module connected to your non-Bluetooth MP3 player, for instance, you can wirelessly stream audio from the player to the headset. Because you can wirelessly connect the headset to the transmitter module and a Bluetooth cell phone at the same time, you can take any calls that come in while you're listening to music. Additionally, you can pair the headset with any Bluetooth-enabled computer for applications such as VoIP and online gaming. The multifunction concept of the BSH-100 ($199) is excellent, but its implementation is spottier than we'd like.

The BSH-100 has a lightweight, folding-neckband 'phone design and soft leatherette pads that sit on top of your ears. We wore the headset during a one-hour workout on a cross-trainer machine and found it perfectly comfortable. The removable mic is approximately 1.5 inches long and plugs into the USB port, which is located on the headset's right earpiece. With a diameter of approximately 2 inches and a height of around 1.75 inches, the circular transmitter module is reasonably small, but it's nonetheless an extra component you may not welcome having to carry around with a portable MP3 player. The module has a stereo minijack input, and Anycom supplies a cable for connecting the device to the headphone jack of your MP3 player.

Anycom provides two identical removable rechargeable batteries. One snaps onto the outside of the headset's left earpiece, while the other snaps onto the transmitter module. The headset and the transmitter module can be charged either via the included USB cable or with the included power-outlet charger, but there's a catch: neither the power-outlet charger nor the USB cable can simultaneously charge both components. So if the headset and the transmitter module both need recharging, you'll have to charge one at a time or connect one to the USB cable and the other to the power adapter. In our tests, the power adapter charged a battery in around 3 hours, but the USB cable took nearly an hour longer to finish the job. While mostly listening to music, we got approximately 9 hours out of the batteries (rated play time is 12 hours; standby is up to 200 hours). After unseating the battery from the headset, we had to reseat it a few times to get the headset working again. Our best advice is to avoid removing the battery altogether.

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  • Weight 2.7 oz
    2.7 oz
  • Sound Output Mode Stereo
  • Additional Features Volume control
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  • Headphones Form Factor Behind-the-neck