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The Good Amazon Instant Video has lower prices on some movies and a catalog that's mostly on par with iTunes.

The Bad You can only watch movies instantly if you have Prime or if you have purchased or rented them on the Amazon Web site first. There's no in-app store.

The Bottom Line Amazon Instant Video is only instant if you're a Prime subscriber or once you've already purchased content from Amazon's Web site, but the lower cost for some videos might make it worth your while.

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Amazon's Instant Video for iPad offers a diverse library of pay-per-view TV shows and movies, plus an additional subset of "free" content for subscribers to the company's $79-per-year Amazon Prime service. But it's important to note, that you can't purchase content from within the app and will need to visit the Amazon Web site to purchase or rent TV and movies.

With that caveat, we found that Amazon Instant Video is an effective rival to iTunes if you're willing to do a little extra work. There are a number of differences and advantages to each service, but Amazon has definitely closed the gap more than ever before.

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