Akimbo for Media Center review: Akimbo for Media Center

From the main Akimbo for Media Center window, you can browse your library of downloaded content, go through available shows by channel or theme or search for a specific program. Setup options are sparse, limited to management for premium content subscriptions and setting parental controls.

In addition to the $9.99 monthly subscription, many of the more interesting programs require an additional fee, usually a buck or two per show. Once you download them, most of these programs are available for only a set viewing window, from 2 days to 30 days. Other content will remain viewable for an indefinite period of time.

We downloaded a variety of programs, shows included in the standard monthly subscription and add-on premium content. Most feature films, including hard-to-find foreign films, were available for an additional $1.99, with a 48-hour viewing window. Basic cable staples, such as episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter or History Channel shows such as Extreme History with Roger Daltry, cost 99 cents for a 30-day rental. Oddities abound, from random 1970s Doctor Who episodes on the BBC channel (included in the basic subscription, 30-day viewing period) to an unwatchably graphic The Learning Channel (TLC) special called 101 Things Removed from the Human Body ($1.99 for 7 days).

Just like cable TV, adding a few specialty subscriptions can quickly drive up the price. On top pf the $9.99 base subscription, you can add a subscription to condensed versions of Major League Baseball games. Akimbo is currently offering this season's MLB subscription free for Akimbo customers, but the official price tag is $3.99 per month off-season and $5.99 per month in-season. Other channels, such as Anime Nation, are a more straight-ahead $9.99 per month for access.

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