8 Ball Pool (iOS) review: Entertaining pool app is polished, approachable

You can quickly determine how good another player is before a game starts by the number on that player's star. If you want to know more about your opponent, you can always click on his or her username to get more stats like number of games won, number of games played, and how many balls potted in total. Likewise, opponents can learn the same information about you. You also can chat with your opponent to some degree by using preloaded terms like "Oops" and the subtly condescending "Nice try."

8 Ball Pool screenshot
Some of the stock chat responses in 8 Ball Pool. Screenshot by Lynn La/CNET

As you earn more coins, you can buy certain extra features, like cool-looking cues. You can also spend actual money to purchase more coins, or buy extra powers like the ability to pull off more exaggerated spins, extend your aim, and increase your general abilities. These powers cost 99 cents for 5, or $2.99 for 20.

Though the extra skills add another layer of dynamic gameplay to your experience, I think you should skip buying different cues. They might look cool to an opponent, but having a fancy cue also implies that you play the game a lot while it doesn't bring much else to the table, literally.

Let's play pool
Though 8 Ball Pool never quit on me altogether, I did run into some hiccups. For instance, after I broke the rack and sunk a solid ball, the game paused with the message, "Waiting for server." By the time the game started up again, my turn had timed out, and my opponent had potted his or her own balls in, denying me a legitimate first turn.

The other problem I ran into happened more than once, and it involved the app stalling while finding an opponent. Usually, a little wheel with turning user avatars would spin until an opponent was found. However, there were a couple of times when the wheel would keep spinning indefinitely, and I'd have to go back a page to restart the process.

8 Ball Pool screenshot
Sometimes the app had trouble finding me another user to play with, and the opponent wheel would spin indefinitely. Screenshot by Lynn La/CNET

Aside from these minor problems the game is excellent. The physics are responsive and accurate, and you can even adjust the touch sensitivity of your pool stick. I especially like the realistic sound effects and the relaxing, steady pace. There are no distractions such as extraneous music or dialog boxes, and the interface is colorful but mostly uncluttered.

I also found the opponent matching system to be pretty fair. More often than not, our stats were on par. Though, I must admit that after my four-in-a-row losing streak, I started to have doubts (it turns out I just suck at this game).

There are some things I could stand to see added to 8 Ball Pool. For one, it'd be nice to have a chat function where users could type their own words instead of selecting one of the limited phrases the app provides. Also, there were times when, while adjusting the angle of my cue stick, I'd also brush my finger against the power meter -- certainly a danger of having all the controls crowded together on the screen. If I was careful enough to bring the power meter back to its resting state, I could keep from accidentally striking the cue ball before I was fully ready. But if there had been a toggle I could use to disengage the power meter altogether until the point when I was ready to use it, it definitely would have prevented a few misfires.

For a casual pool player, I was surprised at how addicted I became to this game. Due to the time limit, the games move quite swiftly, and I found myself often thinking, "Just one more game, and I can win some of my money back." While I admit that line of thinking isn't particularly healthy, each round of 8 Ball Pool never failed to get me somewhat excited or nervous -- especially when both my opponent and I had a shot on the eight ball. Whether you're an amateur or pro in real life, 8 Ball Pool is a polished billiards app with a lot of opponents to test your skills against and plenty of replay value.

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