2011 Mini Cooper Countryman S review: 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman S

The lever may look cool, but the ergonomic design is extremely poor. The optional center armrest makes it impossible to pull the brake lever all the way up. One of the accessories for the rail mentioned above is a cell phone holder, but it sits underneath the brake lever, making it very inconvenient to use.

Mini sets the ports for iPod integration at the front of the center rail, with a cable trailing back to the inconveniently placed cell phone holder. But most people will find it easier to drop an iPod into one of the cup holders in front of the rail.

Beyond iPod integration, Mini includes satellite and HD radio. Bluetooth audio streaming is not available.

With the Mini Connected option and an iPhone, drivers can also listen to Pandora and a set of Web radio channels. Along with music, Mini Connected adds apps that bring Facebook and Twitter feeds into the car, and integrates Google Local Search when the navigation option is present. Currently, Mini Connected only works with an iPhone.

The Countryman sent to CNET was not equipped with Mini Connected or the available navigation system, both of which would inset an LCD into the speedometer faceplate. In previous experience with Mini's navigation system, its DVD-stored maps make it a bit clunky, but it does include traffic information. Mini has updated its navigation system for the 2011 model year, moving to a flash-based navigation system, which should operate more smoothly than the former DVD system.

CNET's Mini did come with the optional Harman Kardon audio system, which includes 10 speakers and an upgraded amp. The sound quality from this system is not bad, but it lacks a strong bass punch. Midranges come through muddily, which makes vocals sound uninspired.

Controls mounted below the speedometer follow the standard radio paradigm, with volume on the left and tuning on the right.

Mini changed up its cabin tech interface for the Countryman, putting a small module with two knobs and plastic buttons at the bottom of the speedometer, below the wide, two-line radio display. These knobs follow the standard radio paradigm, with volume on the left and tuning on the right. The right-hand knob also works for selecting items from a list, such as phone numbers or music from a connected iPod.

Mini makes the most of the radio display, a limited space for showing iPod music libraries and phone contact lists. Although you can see only two items at a time from a list, scrolling through a list is quick. Buttons across the bottom of the display access different menus and options.

The Countryman's Bluetooth phone system, another option, offers useful features, such as making a paired phone's contact list available on the radio display. A voice command system also gives control over the phone system, and allows dialing by name.

In sum
Even as it upscales its models, Mini maintains its style and excellent handling character with the new 2011 Cooper S Countryman. As is typical for Minis, the Countryman shows off cool retro styling and can be configured with attractive colors and details, such as stripes and patterned mirror covers. Although the aesthetics hold up with this larger Mini, the cabin suffers from some bad ergonomic design, mostly where the armrest conflicts with the brake lever and cell phone mount.

Performance tech is the Countryman's high point, benefiting as it does from BMW engine innovations. It uses an advanced electric power-steering unit with a sport mode, set using the Sport button. The suspension may not employ high-tech features, but it is well engineered, contributing to the Countryman's handling. The all-wheel-drive system is icing on the cake.

The available navigation system for the Countryman is saved from mediocrity by its integrated traffic data. Phone and audio systems are good, but don't reach for technical nirvana. The real high point in the cabin is the available Mini Connected app integration, but that feature is limited to iPhones.

Tech specs
Model 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman
Trim S All4
Power train Direct-injection turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine, 6-speed manual transmission
EPA fuel economy 25 mpg city/31 mpg highway
Observed fuel economy 28.1 mpg
Navigation DVD-based
Bluetooth phone support Optional
Disc player MP3-compatible single CD
MP3 player support iPod integration
Other digital audio USB drive, auxiliary input, satellite radio, HD radio
Audio system Harman Kardon 480-watt 10-speaker system
Driver aids Sonar object detection
Base price $26,950
Price as tested $35,400

What you'll pay

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