2008 Ford Edge AWD review: 2008 Ford Edge AWD

The music interface uses the same ugly style of graphics as the navigation system, but again, it is a very intuitive and usable interface. It does a good job of presenting music on MP3 CDs loaded in its six-disc changer, or letting you sift through satellite radio categories. But we didn't spend much time listening to those sources, as its MP3 player integration is so good. We plugged in a Zune and an iPod Nano, and got the same excellent functionality with both. Touching the music library button on the screen let us browse artists, albums, genres, playlists, and songs from our MP3 player. A button labeled Similar Music set Sync to create a never-ending playlist on the fly, based on what it thinks are similar songs to what's currently playing. In practice, we didn't find Sync's DJ work to be all that accurate, and we don't like that it stops the current song to start the new one when you hit the button, but it works OK as a somewhat random playlist.

With an MP3 player connected, Sync gives us complete access to all of our music.

We weren't terribly impressed by the audio quality in the Edge. The music was loud enough, and a subwoofer in the cargo area adds some good bass, but separation is very poor, leading to a generally muted sound. You won't hear glistening highs or thumping lows with this system.

In our tech test, we covered some features of Sync's Bluetooth cell phone integration. Sync is compatible with a much wider array of phones when it comes to basic features, such as downloading phonebooks and call history. Those features alone put it in with the top systems we've seen from BMW and Audi, but what puts it over the top is how you can use voice commands, speaking any name in your phonebook to make a call. Sync also displays phonebook entries on its screen, so you can choose any contact from the LCD.

Under the hood
The brawny exterior styling of the 2008 Ford Edge seems to make up for the fact that it's not an SUV and hints at its trucklike driving experience. Although the Edge is built on a car platform, it doesn't feel nimble. Plenty of oversteer makes lane changes and other maneuvers a deliberate affair. The 3.5-liter V-6 moves it forward well, but doesn't give a huge push. It boasts 265 horsepower at 6,250 rpm and 250 foot-pounds of torque at 4,500 rpm, a decent amount for a car of this size. But the six-speed automatic it's mated to keeps the Edge from spending too much time in the high-rpm zone. And although there is a low range on the transmission, there is no manual gear selection.

The transversely mounted 3.5-liter V-6 provides adequate push, but mediocre fuel economy.

We slugged the Edge around a few mountain roads, seeing how it performed at a brisk clip around the corners. The vehicle stayed reasonably planted as we cut through the turns, its all-wheel drive no doubt adding some traction. We didn't push it beyond its grip on the road, as the Edge feels too heavy and high up for that kind of behavior, beginning to deliver disconcerting body roll as the corners get harder.

For fuel economy, the EPA rates the 2008 Ford Edge Limited with all-wheel drive at 15mpg city and 22mpg highway. During our time with the car, the meter barely budged from 16.8 mpg. This isn't a great number, and we would like to see the Edge push closer to 20 mpg, in the range of other V-6 cars we've tested. But even though its fuel economy isn't great, its emissions aren't bad, with a ULEV II rating from California's Air Resources Board.

In sum
Our 2008 Ford Edge Limited AWD comes in with a base price of $32,070, putting it over the $30,000 mark without options. Our option list included the $395 tow package, $1,995 for navigation, and $1,395 for that nice Vista roof. We also had 20-inch wheels for $895, Sirius satellite radio for $195, and a power liftgate for $490. Sync comes standard at the Limited trim. These options, with the $705 destination charge, bring the total for our Edge up to $38,140, territory that seems a bit high for the Edge. As a point of comparison, the seven-passenger Ford Taurus X goes for about the same price, although we don't care for its body style.

For our ratings, the Edge earns an average score for performance. It's not great, but not bad, and its low fuel economy is made up for by its emissions rating. Sync keeps its cabin tech score above average, as few cars have the capabilities this system offers. As for design, we like the looks of the Edge, and the interior space is very functional.

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