2005 Honda Insight 2dr Hatchback (1.0L 3cyl Gas/Elec Hybrid 5M) review: 2005 Honda Insight 2dr Hatchback (1.0L 3cyl Gas/Elec Hybrid 5M)

Fairings on the rear wheels and a narrower rear track than front are functional and stylistic cues that this car is focused on fuel economy. The narrower rear track contributes to the overall aerodynamic design, and the fairings lower the drag from the wheel wells.

The remainder of the external styling is strictly a love-it-or-hate-it situation. The pinched rear end and the narrower rear track are what give the Insight an unconventional appearance from any angle. From the B-pillars forward, it looks like a Civic, but the fastback rear section is not like anything else on the road. Owing to the batteries housed aft of the seats, the rear cargo area has a surprising high floor, which limits stowage space. A hidden box sits under the carpet in the rear, not unlike that on early Porsche 911s, which gives you a cubic foot or two of stowage.

Once on the road, the 2005 Honda Insight gives the impression of riding inside a drum. It's stiff and noisy, but that's to be expected from a car with an aluminum monocoque construction covered in lightweight plastic panels inside and out. Plus, the skinny 165/65-series tires don't help either. Another characteristic that takes some getting used to is the high-pitched whine from the Insight's IMA power train during acceleration or deceleration. It's not so much annoying as different, and it sounds uncannily like a jetliner spooling its engines up and down as it taxis on the runway.

Speaking of sound, the Insight's AM/FM/cassette stereo sounds awful, but we're convinced it's the fault of the speakers and not the head unit. Based on a number of user reports, we suspect an upgraded set of aftermarket speakers would do wonders. Honda offers a six-CD changer that can be added as a dealer-installed option for about $550.

For safety, the 2005 Honda Insight comes equipped with dual front air bags, and the car's front and rear have been designed to crumple on impact. Honda's warranty covers the Insight bumper to bumper for three years/36,000 miles and the battery pack for eight years/80,000 miles. You can find basic information, such as specs, FAQs, technology explainers, and tips on how to take advantage of the clean-fuel tax deduction, on Honda's Web site. We're also fond of the Owner Link minisite that tells you about your car's maintenance requirements, how to order parts, and dealer locations, among other things. There is also a 24-hour toll-free support line if you can't find the answers you need on the site.

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    2005 Honda Insight 2dr Hatchback (1.0L 3cyl Gas/Elec Hybrid 5M)

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    • Trim levels Base
    • Body style hatchback
    • Available Engine Hybrid with CVT