India goes to Mars

The Indian Space Research Association this week launched the Mars Orbiter Mission Spacecraft from the Satish Dhawan Spacte Centre SHAR in Sriharikota, India.
Photo by: Indian Space Research Association / Caption by:

Train to be a space tourist

With commercial space flight on the horizon, a Pennsylvania training center offers would-be astronauts a chance to experience the rigors of blasting off.
Photo by: Nastar Center / Caption by:

Twitter goes public

Twitter went public on Thursday with its IPO price set at $26 a share. The company's shares opened just before 8 a.m. PT on Thursday at $45.10 and held strong throughout the day. Twitter hit a high of $50.09 on Thursday before closing the day at $44.90.
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Modern tech in classical masterpieces

A project called "Art x Smart" is injecting famous works of art with a dose of 21st-century technology.
Photo by: Kim Dong-Kyu / Caption by:


Artist Benedetto Bufalino created an ultra-budget red supercar from humble materials like cardboard and foil.
Photo by: Benedetto Bufalino / Caption by:

New species of microbe thrives in spacecraft clean rooms

An extremely rare microbe pops up in two different spacecraft clean rooms, one in Florida and one in South America.
Photo by: NASA/JPL-Caltech / Caption by:

More Model S fires

Tesla's Model S, which the company's Web site touts as "the safest car in America," has sustained its third fire in six weeks. Tesla said the most recent Model S blaze resulted from an accident involving a trailer. Investigators are now traveling to the site to uncover further details.
Photo by: Screenshot by Wayne Cunningham/CNET / Caption by:
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