Turn it into cash

As Jessica Dolcourt recently explained, turning an old device into cash is a fairly simple process. Not only does it eliminate clutter around your home office, but it gives you extra funds to invest in that new device you've been drooling over.

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Apple TV remote

One of my favorite uses for an old iPod Touch is using it as a remote for an Apple TV. Anyone who owns an Apple TV can attest to how easily the Apple remote is lost. An iPod Touch is a bit harder to lose, and gives you a keyboard for those long search queries. The Remote app is free on iTunes.

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Extra display

Having an extra monitor is something we can all take advantage of. After upgrading your iPad, don't sell off your old one. Instead, use it as a second monitor to house your e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter feeds.

There are solutions for both Windows and OS X users alike. Both of which are relatively inexpensive and easy to setup.

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A digital reader

By removing all third-party apps from your old iOS device, leaving only iBooks and Amazon's Kindle app gives you a dedicated e-reader.

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A dedicated iPod

One of the more simplistic features we now take for granted on all iOS devices is their music-playing capability. Instead of worrying about battery drain on your smartphone, download your favorite music app or load up your music library on an older iOS device and turn it into what amounts to nothing more than an iPod.

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Digital Frame

Digital frames were once all the rage, but with the abundance of devices with better screens sitting in our drawers, they don't really make sense anymore.

You can easily convert an old iOS device into a dedicated digital frame, complete with its own email address for sharing photos, or iCloud Photo Stream support.

For more information on setting it up, make sure to read Rick Broida's post dishing out all the details.

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Digital scanners can be pricey, bulky, and difficult to use. By installing an app such as Scanbot, you can turn any iOS (or even Android device) into a digital scanner.

Best of all, instead of taking up valuable desk space, you can put the device back in a drawer, use it as a second monitor, or digital frame in between scans.

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Security camera

Installing a home security system is time consuming and costly. Installing an iOS app is quick and easy.

Read more about what you'll need to do to turn an old iOS device into a security camera (or baby monitor, for that matter).

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Educational tool

Wipe your old iOS device clean and install only educational apps for your children to practice and learn new skills on.

The choice and quality of educational apps in the App Store is too great to not consider this option when upgrading an iOS device.

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