ZuneOriginals: Free Zune customization

Microsoft is offering its latest line of Zune MP3 players with custom, laser-etched graphics.

Photo of custom-etched Zune MP3 player
ZuneOriginals.net will offer free customization of the new Zune MP3 players. Cool Hunting

CoolHunting broke the news on Microsoft's planned ZuneOriginals Web site, which launches tomorrow (November 13). The site will act as a direct online retail outlet allowing customers to order either the 4GB, 8GB, or 80GB version of the new Zune MP3 player, customized with one of 27 original graphics produced by 18 artists. If the fact that Microsoft managed to round-up 18 legitimately amazing artists to design custom Zune graphics isn't jaw-dropping enough for you, the fact that the laser-etched graphics are offered for free is downright flabbergasting. Throw in the fact that Microsoft is providing a free v2.0 firmware update to first-gen Zune owners, and that's a whole lot of love from the Zune camp. Let's hope this sparks some Apple jealousy. I really wouldn't mind a Classic firmware update on my 5G iPod, along with some snappy graphics. Where's the love, Apple?

See more artwork and artist bios on Cool Hunting.

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