Zune phone concept: Hot or not?

Yanko Design has imagined a concept for a Microsoft Zune phone.

Design concept for Zune mobile phone.
Is Yanko's concept design for a Zune smartphone intriguing, or frightening? Yanko Design

It's a fake, folks. The "Zune Contact" phone dreamed up by Adam Huffman from Yanko Design is pure fantasy, and it's not the first .

If you like what you see, don't hold your breath. With the Zune brand still recuperating from its awkward first attempt to unseat Apple's iPod, the chances of Microsoft developing a new phone under the Zune umbrella seems unlikely. Still, it's fun to think about, if only to guess at the countless ways it would likely flop in the face of the iPhone.

Then again, with all the iPhone headaches people are experiencing these days, maybe a smartphone newcomer would be just the thing to stir things up. God knows the touch-screen iPhone clones spewing out from all the usual places aren't quite up for the challenge.

So what do you say? Would Zune's hypothetical phone suffer the same fate as its MP3 player, or is the company that brought you the Xbox 360 the perfect manufacturer to humble the iPhone?

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