Zune 80 official battery test results

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell reveals the lower-than-expected battery test results from the Zune 80 MP3 player.

Photo of Microsoft Zune 80 next to Apple iPod.
There's still no touching the iPod when it comes to battery life. CNET Networks

Our CNET Labs have just published the results of their Zune 80 audio-only battery drains and the numbers are somewhat disappointing. Microsoft rated the Zune 80 for 30 hours of audio playback with the Wi-Fi feature turned off. Lab testing revealed that the Zune 80 is realistically capable of 22 hours of audio playback with the Wi-Fi feature turned off, or 18.5 hours with the Wi-Fi feature enabled.

While 22 hours is certainly better than the 13 hours we got from the first-generation Zune, it's nowhere close to the 45 hours we were able to get from the competing 80GB iPod Classic.

What do you guys think? Is 22 hours enough? Does the fact that the Zune's screen is nearly twice as large as the iPod make up for the battery life being about half as good? Air your disgruntlement or ambivalence in the comments section below.

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