Zoho simplifies Web 2.0 file management

Web suite vendor Zoho has a new Google-like, document-focused start page.

Zoho, the Web application company that seems to release a new product at every Web 2.0 conference, today launched a tool to make accessing these applications easier: A Start page, Zoho Start, that shows you all your Zoho files (not apps) in one place. This document-centric page is important, since human beings don't tend to organize their projects around the applications they were created in. It's why we have folders and directories, and indeed, Zoho Start lets you create folders that you can put your documents in.

You can now view files from Zoho's word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program all on one screen.

As ReadWriteWeb pointed out, Zoho Start doesn't yet support all of the Zoho applications. And I found it derivative of the Google Docs and Spreadsheets home page (although Google doesn't yet have a presentation program) and of ThinkFree. That's not necessarily bad, since all these start pages are simple and clear. But at this early stage in the development of online applications, I would expect to see more variation and experimentation from the major players.

By the way, there are several Web conferences coming up in the next few weeks, starting with Office 2.0 on September 6. So prepare for Zohoverload.

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