Zoho adds Google-like collaboration to spreadsheets

Zoho just won't slow down. Zoho Sheet has been updated with some neat new collaboration tools.

Zoho, who was at Under the Radar last week, upgraded their spreadsheet application, called Sheet, on Friday. The team added Zoho Chat integration and the ability for multiple users to work on a spreadsheet at the same time. Users of Google Spreadsheets will be accustomed to this functionality, and with the update, Zoho joins the fray of online collaborative tools (see our Under the Radar roundup of this category.)

Also new with the update is support for OpenDocument Sheet, which allows users of OpenOffice to work on and freely exchange documents.

Zoho Sheet still doesn't have the option to see who has made edits--an option that's missing from most collaborative spreadsheet tools. In our tests, we also found that several users could be working on or delete a cell without warning. To avoid this, having the option to hand off control of the cell to the other user (like Xcellery does) would be very helpful.

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