Zip Express partnership with TigerDirect, CompUSA eases CE installation woes

Zip Express Installation announces and CompUSA as new resellers for consumer electronics installation service

While you, dear reader, are likely a tech-savvy person, you undoubtedly know people that aren't. The fast-approaching holiday season can be a particularly unsafe time for those with electronics knowledge, as you will inevitably get recruited to do everything from installing software to hooking up a Blu-ray player to transferring music to an MP3 player. That's when you should direct these people and their headache-inducing questions to Zip Express Installation.

The company offers installation services starting at $129.95 for home theater, TV, and computer setup, and includes a one-year warranty on its services. Along with scheduling next-day installation appointments at a specific hour through the Zip Express Web site, its services can now be purchased at checkout when you buy something from and

I've never used Zip Express Installation and I'm not endorsing it, but it seems like it would be a valuable add-on for relieving any stress that accompanies introducing a new piece of consumer electronics to a household--be it yours or someone else's. If you've used the service, please feel free to comment below and let us know about your experience.

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