Zeiss does video glasses with the 'Cinemizer'

They can work with regular eyeglasses too.


There are so many makes and models of video glasses on the market that we lost count of them long ago. But one that was launched at Macworld this week may be worth mentioning, for the famous name associated with it if nothing else.

Expert photographers may debate the quality vs. hype of Carl Zeiss lenses, but the companies that use them in their products clearly think the brand packs plenty of marketing muscle--just ask Sony, which touts them every chance it gets for its cameras. So it makes sense that the German company would want to cash in on that reputation directly with its "Cinemizer."

The video glasses, which come with a wired remote, plays video from iPods and other media devices while projecting the virtual equivalent of a 45-inch screen from 78 inches away. But the best feature, as far as we're concerned, is that you can wear them over a pair of eyeglasses--turning us four-eyed individuals into six-eyed viewers. If they would just add a built-in media player, we'd be first in line.

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