Zebra Technologies introduces G-series thermal printers

Zebra Technologies just announced their new "G-series" line of thermal printers.

Zebra Technologies GX420t Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies just announced their new "G-series" line of thermal printers. These little guys fall under the four-inch desktop printer category and, while not specifically for the consumer market, will still appeal to industries that deal with printing labels, receipts, price marking tags, shipping and return labels, boarding passes, ID wristbands and tags, and admission tickets.

The new offerings from Zebra include the GX420t,GX420d, GX430t, GK420t, and the GK420d. Across the board, these printers feature a wide range of convenient, easy to operate printing solutions in the work or home office. Notable specifications include:

  • Wireless: 802.11g and Bluetooth in addition to 10/100 Ethernet
  • Speedy six inches per second print time
  • Available in both direct thermal and a combination of direct thermal/thermal transfer versions
  • Flash memory built into the printers for faster and more robust processing power
  • Remote activation and management via ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise software

The new G-Series thermal printers from Zebra are available to purchase now on Zebra's Web site.
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