You've got the map, I've got the motion

Use GMap to control Google Maps with body language.

I just got a new ThinkPad T60, and I've become a bit obsessive about it. I've been hanging out on the ThinkPad forums and reading the ThinkPad designers' blog. And I just found something for ThinkPads that's so cool it actually made me giggle: The Google Maps Thinkpad controller app, a.k.a. gmaps, by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, an engineer at Six Apart. (The YouTube video below is his.) It uses the orientation and motion sensor of the ThinkPad hard disk's Active Protection System to enable you to navigate your Google map by tilting your laptop. Tilt left, your map goes left, and so forth. It's a hack. It runs only in IE, requires you install ActivePerl (free), it doesn't resize to a big screen, and it doesn't work with Google Earth--now that would be even cooler. But it's fun, and I dig it.

I found this when I was looking for a ThinkPad version of SmackBook for Macs. Couldn't find one for Windows, but if you have Linux on your IBM or Lenovo laptop, there is SmackPad.

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