YouTube Trojan horse rides in on Web TV show's fame

Media files like those hosted on YouTube are becoming popular vectors for malware writers.

Trend Micro

According to Trend Micro, a Trojan horse that downloads a certain YouTube video could compromise your computer. The video appears to be an episode of Afterworld, a Web TV series about a society where technology is dead. Security vendor Websense has also been tracking this Trojan horse and has traced the video to a .su domain, which was originally assigned to the former Soviet Union and still remains in use today.

The use of online media files to infect end users with malware is not new. A worm last October used a JavaScript flaw in Apple Quicktime to spread on MySpace. For this attack, Websense has produced, ironically, an informative YouTube video demonstrating what happens to your computer. This YouTube Trojan steals personal information from a compromised PC and then broadcasts it to an undisclosed location.

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