YouTube on TiVo: It's about time

Within a few weeks, owners of TiVo Series 3 DVR and high-definition video boxes will be able to download a software update that lets them access YouTube videos.

Digital video recorder TiVo is set to release a software upgrade that will let users access YouTube videos on their televisions, the company announced Thursday. The deal with the Google video-sharing site, originally announced in March, is scheduled to start rolling out in a few weeks.

TiVo owners will need a Series 3 or TiVo HD box to be eligible for the software upgrade, which will be further extended in the near future to allow them to log into their own YouTube accounts to access playlists and the like.

It's not terribly revolutionary. The Apple TV box has given owners access to YouTube for over a year now. TiVo already lets viewers watch select online videos and podcasts--but in downloadable form, not streaming form.

And as my colleague John Falcone has put it: now, where's my Hulu box?

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