YouTube hoops star accepts Shaq's Twitter challenge

Bruce Manley, whose YouTube videos show him to be a basketball trick shot sensation, has reportedly accepted a Twittered H-O-R-S-E challenge from Shaq. They will, hopefully, face off in July.

It's one thing to go and play with LeBron James. It's quite another to face Bruce Manley.

Perhaps you are not yet familiar with the name. Manley is something of a YouTube cult hero for his rather picturesque basketball trick shot skills.

Somehow, Shaquille O'Neal, the newest Cleveland Cavalier, saw the video. Apparently, his ego was piqued even more than when he saw Orlando's Dwight Howard claim to be Superman.

So what did the NBA's king of social networking do? He Twittered a challenge to a HORSEing duel.

"i wanna play this guy n horse for a thousand dollars, find him pls," read Shaq's tweet.

According to the, Manley has accepted Shaq's challenge and the contest should happen some time in July. So I really would encourage everyone to look at the YouTube video I have embedded.

If you are not utterly astonished by his tree-point shot, then your emotions have left you for another woman. And, yes, I said tree-point shot--no spelling mistake.

As for the shot Manley hits totally blind from behind a wall, well, if that isn't extraordinary talent then I am the new chief executive officer of the Golden State Warriors.

Will Shaq be able to compete against this kind of ability? It will be very interesting which H-O-R-S-E rules they choose to play. But, if I were a betting man, and perish the thought, I would be betting Manley.

Unless, of course, there's some very fine editing going on here.

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