YouTube goes mobile

YouTube goes mobile

Kevin Maney of USA Todaybroke the story of YouTube's new mobile video upload service. It lets you send videos you capture on your cell phone directly to YouTube.

This is a big deal. It means that "citizen journalists" who record an event with their mobiles will be able to share that video immediately with the world--no PC required. All of a sudden, we're all Christiane Amanpour.

I tried the service as soon as I heard about it. Setting up the account was a multistep process, but easy. Using my Treo 650, I took a few videos and uploaded them via the Treo's e-mail application. Here's my second video. Where's the first? Still on the Treo, unfortunately: Somewhere between the Treo, Cingular, and YouTube, I ran into a 300K upload cap, so video reporting from me is going to be brief. That's OK; I talk fast.

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