YouTube gets channel-surfing makeover

YouTube wants to be more like television, Foursquare adds events, and Delta gets sued for its app.

Friday's CNET Update is channel surfing:


YouTube has a new design that puts a greater focus on subscriptions and channels. YouTube hopes it will get more users to stay on the site longer by flipping through channels -- similar to how folks lose themselves while browsing television stations.

Also in today's tech news roundup:

- Foursquare added event listings, so a business can post about when there's something unique going on, such as a trivia night, book signing, or wine tasting.

- You can now create repeat events on Facebook. Handy for people with regularly-scheduled meetups.

- The Washington Post is said to be adding a paywall for online news next year.

- The FCC is pushing for gadgets to stay powered on during a flight's take-off and landing.

- GameStop is selling the Kindle Fire and giving a $25 Amazon gift card with purchase.

- California's attorney general is suing Delta over the lack of a privacy policy statement in its app.

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