YouTube and Pulitzer Center look for best video journalists

News videographers can win a $10,000 grant by submitting a three-minute video story. YouTube viewers will eventually choose the winner.

Google is working with a titan of traditional journalism to help promote citizen journalism.

YouTube announced Monday that it has partnered with the Pulitzer Center to create a journalism contest designed to unearth the best news videographers.

Contestants have until October 5 to submit news clips three-minutes long or less that must focus on stories largely overlooked or ignored by traditional media. The Pulitzer Center will judge the competition and plans to trim the contestants down to 10 finalists following the initial round.

YouTube viewers will eventually choose the winner.

The winner will receive a $10,000 grant for travel abroad and the opportunity to work with the Pulitzer Center. When the field of contestants gets down to five, they will be given Sony cameras to work with.

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