You're an attorney. You need open-source education. Get it here.

The Software Freedom Law Center is offering a free day of open-source legal education. Send your counsel. This is a must-attend event.

As Steven Vaughan-Nichols is reporting, the Software Freedom Law Center is offering a free day of open-source legal education from the best in the business. Let's put it this way: if you get any opportunity to hear Eben Moglen speak, you take it. Especially when admission to the event is free.

The Summit will have two parts: a closed session in the morning for a private meeting of some of the world's foremost FOSS attorneys, and an open session in the afternoon consisting of free legal presentations to the public.

By hosting the Legal Summit, we intend to bring together leading attorneys in the Software Freedom community to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern. We also intend to welcome other lawyers and interested members of the public to the summit by giving a series of presentations on the most important FOSS-related legal topics.

This is an event you should send your counsel to. They'll come back much more savvy on open source.

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