Yet another Twhirl update coming tomorrow

The Twitter client will get new FriendFeed features Tuesday.

Shortly after Loic Le Meur's Seesmic acquired the excellent Twitter client Twhirl, the new geek hotness FriendFeed got its first AIR application, Alert Thingy ( review ), which also handles Twitter feeds. Le Meur charged his new employee with putting FriendFeed features into Twhirl to maintain parity.

FriendFeed support in the current version of Twhirl is pretty sparse. If you find it frustrating, however, sit tight for a few more hours because yet another update to Twhirl is on the way, Le Meur told me tonight.

This new version will let you post images to your FriendFeed account just by dragging them into your window. That could be pretty cool if you're a FriendFeed user. Personally, I'm hoping that the Twhirl developer finds a way to integrate Twitter and FriendFeed data into one window; the current two-window setup takes up too much screen real estate.

We also await Alert Thingy's latest update in this enjoyable game of AIR application leapfrog.

A lot of window space for news about nothing
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