Yamaha piano thinks it's a computer

Digital instrument extraordinaire adds Wi-Fi to its system.


If a computer could morph into a piano, or vice-versa, it might well resemble a Yamaha like this one.

We've been watching the development of this futuristic set of ivories for awhile now, ever since it made the leap from made the leap from a self-contained digital instrument to a networked system that can stream music live. And now the "Disklavier" has literally cut the cord in the latest stage of its evolution by adding Wi-Fi connectivity.

The piano can download tunes from a computer to its own hard drive or transmit files to a PC so that they can be burned to a CD. Or, as Gizmodo points out, you can program it to play itself while you're on the bench so your parents won't assume they wasted all that money on lessons.

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