Yahoo's unlimited storage still not enough

Unlimited storage is neat, but what's with these small attachment sizes?

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Yesterday Yahooannounced they would begin offering Yahoo Mail users unlimited storage. The company will start with U.S. accounts and continue to roll out the upgrade to most of the world by the end of June. The only other major company to offer unlimited Web e-mail storage is AOL, starting in 2005 for paid members.

Despite the big upgrade, something that bugs me is that attachment sizes are still limited to 10MB for free accounts. Both MSNand Yahoo have premium e-mail services that double the mostly standard 10MB attachment size (at a price). This can be really handy for short video clips from digital cameras, or more than three high resolution photographs. Will this bother most users? Probably not, although as file sizes get bigger, storage will only matter if users are able to easily send media files.

Wikipediahas a pretty interesting comparison chart of storage and attachment limits broken down by service.

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