Yahoo tries to freshen up, kills a bunch of products

The company is shutting down Yahoo Deals, SMS Alerts, and Mail and Messenger apps for feature phones at the end of April.

Yahoo is doing some spring cleaning. The company announced its plans on Friday to shut down several products, including Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, and the Yahoo Mail and Messenger apps used on feature phones.

It's all about getting rid of the old to make room for the new, according to Jay Rossiter, Yahoo's executive vice president in charge of platforms, who wrote about the changes in a blog entry.

"We want to bring you experiences that inspire and entertain you every day," Rossiter wrote. "That means taking a hard look at all of our products to make sure they are still central to your daily habits. As part of that ongoing effort, today we are shutting down a few more products."

Yahoo is killing off Upcoming, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Kids and the Yahoo Mail and Messenger apps for feature phones by the end of this month. The company is also axing the older versions of Yahoo Mail starting June 3. This means any users still using Yahoo Mail Classic will have to switch to the new version.

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