Yahoo site suffers stock-ticker display glitch

Company patches a problem that had blocked some My Yahoo users from seeing stock prices next to their ticker lists. Plus: Google revamps its finance page.

A CNET reader provided this screen shot of the stock-price display glitch.
A CNET reader provided this screen shot of the stock-price display glitch.

Some users of the customizable My Yahoo portal were unable to see prices for their lists of company stocks for a few days, but the Internet company said the problem has been fixed.

The problem afflicted only a small fraction of users, less than 0.5 percent, the company said, and was fixed Thursday. Those who were affected should consider upgrading to the newer My Yahoo version, said spokeswoman Stephanie Arnaldy.

Meanwhile, Google revamped its finance page Thursday, responding to requests to "make it easier to follow the latest news affecting the market as well as those (stories) that are relevant to your portfolio."

A lot of users griped about it though, as ZDnet blogger Garett Rogers observed. "Horrible, horrible new look. How ungoogly!" said one commenter in a long thread of complaints in the comments section below Google's blog. "The clean and crisp look of your old site was your best feature! Put the classic look back or at least give me an option to still have the classic look."

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